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The new plan for the expansion of Tošin bunar

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The new plan for the expansion of Tošin bunar


Work on the expansion of the part of Tošin bunar near the intersection with Nikola Dobrovića Street is being completed these days, thus removing this Novi Beograd’s “bottleneck”. As one of the most important uncompleted routes in Novi Beograd, Tošin bunar represents a traffic axis with Vojvođanska Street, connecting the center of Zemun with blocks and Bežanija. The works on the widening of the street began in December last year and include the construction of the missing 300 meters of the boulevard, as well as the reconstruction of the intersection with Nikole Dobrovića Street.

During the reconstruction, fundamental works were carried out on all underground installations, water and sewage pipes were replaced, rain sewers and public lighting were installed. As a novelty, sensors for adaptive management of traffic lights have been installed in the roadway, and they enable the control of signal intervals at the intersection depending on the number of vehicles. Sidewalks and bicycle paths were built along the road, as well as additional exits for UMP, the future NIS gas station and Airport City. The bicycle lanes and sidewalks on the left side of the roadway will be completed in the coming days, while traffic on the newly constructed section will be opened from tomorrow. The contractor for the reconstruction of the street was the domestic company AR Gradnja, while the value of the investment is 129 million dinars.

At the same time, public inspection of the plan for the detailed regulation of the extension of Tošin bunar from the highway to Ivićeva Street in Zemun with a length of 2.2 kilometers was opened. As this section does not meet traffic needs, the plan foresees the expansion of Tošin bunar (2+2), the separation of directions by a dividing island and integration with Ivićeva Street. The new regulation implies the demolition of buildings along the street, the construction of two-sided sidewalks, bicycle paths and parking spaces. At the junction with Ivićeva Street, the formation of a square with a roundabout is planned, which would regulate traffic at the intersection of Tošin bunar, Jakub Kuburović, Ugrinovačka and Vrtlarska. Tošin bunar expansion plan will be on public inspection until May 23 in the Belgrade City Administration building, in March 27 Street, 43-45.



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