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Frequently asked questions

Zelena Avenija is a modern residential-business complex in Zemun. It is recognized as an excellent investment in the fast-growing real estate market, and as a much-needed project for new, future residents of Zemun. At the most attractive locations in Zemun, 13 flats have been built so far and close to 600 apartments and shops have been occupied. Zelena Avenija is a large investor project that quickly won the hearts of its tenants – business and family people of various profiles.

All the most important streets of Zemun are located in the vicinity of Zelena Avenija. The proximity of the highway allows faster movement through the city – to the center, the airport or the outskirts of Belgrade. Avenues are connected well with the rest of the city thanks to a good public transport network. At the same time, in the immediate vicinity of Zelena Avenijas there are: park, Danube and Quay, kindergartens, schools, hospitals, shops, car service, cafes and restaurants, and even night clubs. Zelena Avenija eally offers you Zemun in the palm of your hand.

All buildings on Zelena Avenija have a garage and a parking lot. Modern building solutions allow you to reach the garage by elevator. Parking spaces are sold separately from real estate, can be purchased on credit, and are not subject to VAT refund regulations. The parking lot has adequate dimensions and is also suitable for larger car models. The garages are under constant video surveillance, are illuminated, and represent the safest place for your car.

The buildings of Zelena Avenija are connected to the heating plant. Thanks to special regulators that are placed on the radiators, tenants can adjust the heat in each individual room in the apartment. The uniform temperature of the entire apartment is the basic feature of central heating. And the most important thing – there is no consumption in the summer, and bills are paid only in the months when heating services are used.

All Zelena Avenija apartments are equipped with aluminum joinery. In particular, three-layer, thermally insulating glass has a crucial effect on reducing heating costs. The biggest advantage of apartments equipped in this way is lower permeability of cold air in winter and warm air in summer. A modern solution for additional heating, i.e. cooling the apartment, and modern, reliable carpentry really represent a benefit for the living environment. At the same time, larger glass surfaces make the space visually more spacious and brighter, and give the Avenue a timeless style – outside and inside. Built-in security, entrance doors, as well as room doors in apartments – Bosal, have level III fire protection and a high level of sound insulation. Zelena Avenija gives you safety and style in one!

The terraces of the apartments in  Zelenoj Aveniji complement the appearance and functionality of the living room. Excellent lighting of the apartments, at different times of the day, was achieved with larger glass surfaces. The emphasis in the spatial planning of the apartments is on the maximum use of natural light, which is also contributed to by the two-sided or three-sided orientation of the apartments.

The mission of the Investor in the construction of Zelena Avenija is the constant improvement of this important project. This applies not only to the superior selection of construction sites, but also to the comfort of living, the possibilities and technological improvements of the living space – your new home. We choose reliable, durable and energy-efficient materials and project solutions. In accordance with the Green name of the project, these modern residential buildings have more natural light and excellent sound and thermal insulation. Smart home ready system, security procedures, professional building management – all this gives you freedom, better cost control and quality of life. The Montex company builds systems to serve you.

The Zelena Avenija complex is project financed by Bank Intesa. The apartments we build have a building permit and all the necessary papers. It is not necessary to obtain any additional documentation. When buying real estate, the entire procedure ends with the signing of the sales contract at the competent public notary and giving consent for the registration of the real estate.

The apartment in Zelena Avenija 5 can become your new home.

In order to experience the concept of Zelena Avenija in the best way and to convince yourself of the quality of our offer, we advise you to visit the showroom at Petra Kočića Street no. 14. Our friendly associates will do their best to answer all your questions and guide you in detail and transparently in the procedure and conditions of buying an apartment in Zelena Avenija.